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A non-asbestos homogeneous beater addition gasket material

Sealing Devices has teamed up with Interface Performance Materials as a preferred converter of Beater Add Gasket Materials. These Beater Add gasket products addresse a wide range of performance capabilities and requirements.Non-Asbestos Beater Add Materials 

As an environmentally friendly material, these Cellulose (paper) and Non-Asbestos (Special Fillers) Gasket materials are designed to prevent leakage of liquids, solids and gasses and to seal the spaces between various components. 

Beater Add Gasket materials can be custom die cut to meet your specifications.  Some common Beater Add Gaskets materials follow:
Interface Materials Data Sheets                                                          

CMP - 2331  Standard/Non-Asbestos Gasket Material    
CMP - 4000 Hydro-Fused /Compressed MicroPore® Gasket Material
CMP - 4200 Hydro-Fused /Compressed MicroPore® Gasket Material 

Together with Interface's Beater Add Gasket materials and Sealing Devices' customized work, we can help you improve your next project's sealing challenges and performance.
Sealing Devices is an authorized Distributor forInerface Non-Asbestos and Sealing Devices Gaskets

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