Beater-Addition Gasket Materials

A non-asbestos, homogeneous beater-addition gasket material

Sealing Devices has teamed up with Interface Performance Materials as a preferred converter of beater-addition gasket materials. These beater-addition gasket products address a wide range of performance capabilities and requirements.Non-Asbestos Beater Add Materials 

As an environmentally-friendly material, these cellulose (paper) and non-asbestos (special fillers) gasket materials are designed to prevent leakage of liquids, solids, and gasses in addition to sealing the spaces between various components. 

Beater-addition gasket materials can be custom die-cut to meet your specifications.  

Some common beater-addition gasket materials follow Interface Materials' Data Sheets:

CMP - 2331  Standard/Non-Asbestos Gasket Material    
CMP - 4000 Hydro-Fused /Compressed MicroPore® Gasket Material
CMP - 4200 Hydro-Fused /Compressed MicroPore® Gasket Material 


Together with Interface's beater-addition gasket materials and Sealing Devices' customized work, we can help you improve your next project's sealing challenges and performance.

Sealing Devices is an authorized Distributor forInerface Non-Asbestos and Sealing Devices Gaskets