Industrial Gasketing

The need for proper fluid sealing is found in a wide variety of critical applications, including:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas Exploration & Storage
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Water Infrastructure 

A solid knowledge of the factors influencing the sealing of piping systems, vessels, pumps and valves will lead to a more robust system design.  

There are a number of factors to consider for proper design and use of industrial gaskets for effective fluid sealing. Consideration of these factors upfront and/or during system maintenance and repair activities can lead to enhanced system productivity, longevity and safety.   

Join us for this informative webinar on:

Feb 24, 2021
@ 2:30 PM EST

This webinar will cover a number of topics to improve user understanding of material selection, common material options from leading manufacturers, manufacturing processes used for gasket fabrication, considerations for flanges and gasket installation, along with some problem-solving alternatives to flat gaskets. 



Who should attend:
Design Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Mechanical Designers, Purchasing Professionals


In this webinar we will cover:

  • Factors to consider for proper material selection
  • Commonly used industrial gasketing materials and their uses
  • Common manufacturing options to produce gaskets with Tolerances
  • Flange and Bolting recommendations for proper Installation
  • Problem solving options


Michael Moretti
Technical Business Development Manager

Currently Technical Business Development Manager, Michael brings 20+ years of experience providing design assistance and project support for customers designing electronic devices for the military, aerospace and telecommunications markets.

His areas of expertise includes: EMI Shielding and Thermal Management Concepts and Materials, Environmental Sealing, and Venting of Electronic Enclosures.

Michael’s personal interests include European sports cars, camping and his dogs.