Utilizing Parker Chomerics Cho-Seal 1285 for Effective Weather Sealing

Customer Problem:  A video mapping company needed to design a custom, vehicle-mounted camera enclosure for capturing high-resolution pictures along its journey.  Being exterior mounted, the enclosure needed to completely protect the sensitive electronics from the surrounding outdoor environment (dirt, dust, water intrusion) and meet EMC compliance regulations.

Customer Requirements:

  • Enclosure gaskets that could provide EMI shielding as well as an environmental seal.
  • Seals that could withstand a wide range of outdoor temperatures as the enclosure would see a variety of different altitudes and climates in operation.  
  • Additional long-term corrosion resistance due to travel in coastal environments.
  • A design that utilized readily available materials and profiles to help control cost & lead-time.

Solution:  A number of conductive elastomer O-ring gaskets were designed featuring Parker Chomerics Cho-Seal 1285 conductive silicone material.   The parts were fabricated from a readily available, standard-sized solid-O extrusion, which saved on tooling expense and simplified hardware groove design.  

Conclusion:  O-ring seals are very effective face seals for enclosure covers.  Using conductive elastomer materials provide dual-purpose EMI & environmental sealing in a single component. Utilizing Chomerics Cho-Seal 1285 helped ensure the seals would be reliable over the life of the equipment. Its silicone elastomer is a very effective weather seal that can typically withstand temperatures from -45 to 160 deg C, and its Ag/Al filler provides a high degree of corrosion resistance when used in aluminum enclosures.