Cho-Seal 10-04-3982-1215

Conductive silver-plated copper filler in silicone binder

Expert converter and supplier of CHO-Seal 10-04-3982-1215 products.  Parker 10-04-3982-1215 is an ideal product for aerospace applications, and can be used extensively in spare applications, or for NSN stock number uses.

The 10-04-3982-1215 products are extruded solid O profile materials, with  .150" nominal, and fit in suggested groove dimensions .123" deep x .163" wide.

Typical Shielding Requirements: 105 - 120 dB, Resists highest level of EMP induced current; military gasket of choice in non-corrosive environments; excellent processing for molding and extrusion.

Download Chomerics CHO-Seal 1215 specifications along with all of Chomerics conductive elastomers in the Chomerics Elastomer Handbook.  Parker Elastomer Handbook