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Cho-Seal® and Cho-Sil® EMI Shielded o-rings chomerics Conductive gaskets

CHO-Seal® 1285, CHO-Seal® 1287 emi shielded o-rings

CHO-Seal® and CHO-Sil® emi shielded conductive elastomer o-rings and gaskets made of silicone, fluorosilicone, EPDM or fluorocarbon-fluorosilicone binders, with fillers of pure silver, silver-plated copper, silver-plated aIuminum, silver-plated nickel, silver-plated glass, nickelplated graphite, or unplated graphite particles.

Chomerics CHO-Seal® and CHO-Sil® conductive elastomers and EMI shielding products feature excellent EMI shielding and resistance to compression set over wide temperature ranges.  Chomerics EMI shielding conductive o-rings meet MIL-STD-810 requirements for fungus resistance, and EMI shielding o-ring and gasket compounds also act as environmental and pressure seals. Download Design Guide

CHO-Seal® EMI shielded o-rings and extrusions are for military and commercial applications, and excel in aerospace applications.  EMI Shielding Design Compatability Guide Download

Conductive EMI shielding seals are available as extruded elastomers, and can be cut-to-length, and are available in profiles including: Hollow and Solid 'D'; Hollow or Solid 'O'; Hollow 'P', rectangle, and many other shapes. Conductive profiles can be ordered with pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) applied.

Co-extruded EMI shielding strips (combo gaskets) provide optimal EMI shielding and provide corrosion protection. When conductive and non-conductive EMI elastomers are vulcanized together, they create a technically superior design for aircraft doors, rack mounted cabinetry, and military and commercial communications.

Filler and Binder
CHO-Seal® L1285
silver-plated aluminum in silicone
90-110 dB
Military gasket of choice for corrosive environments; lightweight, 200°C max. use temp; good EMP resistance; molded,extruded
CHO-Seal® 1287
fluorosilicone version
CHO-Seal® 1298
silver-plated aluminum
90-110 dB
High performance in harshest corrosive environments; material of choice for aircraft and marine military applications, good physical properties; molded, extruded. Best corrosion resistance.
CHO-Seal® S6304, S6305,6370
nickel-coated graphite in silicone
>100 dB
Good performance in moderately corrosive environments; good for flange finishes needing "bite-through" for electrical contact; flame retardant 6370 is UL 94V-0 rated.
CHO-Seal® L6303
fluorosilicone version

CHO-Seal® 1298 gaskets available as molded, die-cut and extruded seals. CHO-Seal® 1298 offers resistance to fluids and fuels used in aviation and industrial

CHO-Seal & CHO-Sil GasketsStandard Extrusions - Various shapes and types of Chomerics extruded conductive elastomers - Solid O Strips, Hollow O Strips, Mushroom D Strips, Solid D Strips, Hollow D Strips, Channel Strips, Hollow P Strips, V Strips.  Conductive Elastomer Shelf Life FREE Download.