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Compressed Sheet die cut gaskets from garlock

blue gard 3000 gaskets from Garlock Compressed sheet gaskets die cut industrial gaskets

Garlock Blue-Gard 3000 from and Garlock Gylon Gaskets. Garlock Blue-Gard Style 3700 compressed sheet gasket materials provide outstanding die-cut gaskets for superior sealing.

Garlock 2900 industrial die cut gasket materials are made from Aramid fibers in sheet gasket material, with binders added for general industrial die cut gaskets for utility service applications.

  • Style 2900
  • Style 2920
  • Style 2930
  • Style 2950

Garlock GYLON® is restructured PTFE gasket material with excellent chemical resistance for die-cut gaskets. Reduces creep relaxation problems typical of conventional PTFE gaskets and die cuts.

Garlock GYLON® 3500

  • GYLON® Style 3504
  • GYLON® Style 3510
  • GYLON® Style 3522 Diaphragm Material
  • GYLON® Style 3530
  • GYLON® Style 3535 Joint Sealant
  • Garlock GYLON® Style 3540
  • Garlock GYLON® Style 3545
  • GYLON® Style 3565 ENVELON® Gasketing
  • GYLON® Style 3575 SAGE
  • GYLON® Style Gen2™ 3591
  • GYLON® Style Gen2™ 3594
  • GYLON® Style HP3560
  • GYLON® Style HP3561
  • Thermally Bonded GYLON®

Inorganic Fiber - Inorganic fiber gasketing with excellent thermal stability and torque retention for optimal sealability in temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) continuous. Style 5500

  • Style 5507

LEAK-GARD - Proprietary 3750 Leak Gard compound virtually eliminates oil and hydrocarbon die cut gasket leaks even under low bolt load, and avoids "weep-through"common to vegetable fiber gasketing. Recommended for lightweight gear box covers and fuel pumps, as well as standard ASME raised face flanges.

  • LEAK-GARD™ Style 3750

Bolt Torque Values for ASME B16.5 raised face flanges,with A193 grade B7 bolts, compressed sheet recommendations from Garlock Sealing Technologies. Class 150# and 300#.

High Temperature Gasketing Style 706

Garlock Style 9800

  • Style 9850
  • Style 9900

Garlock MULTI-SWELL™ - Over 70% of gasket failures are due to lack of load.

  • Garlock MULTI-SWELL™ Style 3760 Gaskets react with water or oil to create its own load. Problems with low load applications and leakage are a thing of the past.
  • Garlock MULTI-SWELL™ Style 3760 Premium Rubber

Premium grade elastomer (rubber)sheet products for applications where the low load requirements of rubber are necessary. Red SBR Rubber Sheet.

Garlock Style 7797 - Premium Grade Neoprene Rubber Sheet

Garlock Style 7986 - Neoprene Rubber Sheet

8314 - Premium Grade EPDM Rubber Sheet

8316 - FDA Compliant EPDM

9064 - Off-white Neoprene Rubber Sheet

9122 - Nitrile Rubber Sheet

9518 - High Performance Fluoroelastomer Sheet Rubber

9780 - High-Performance Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet