CHO-Bond Conductive & Chomerics Adhesive Epoxies

CHO-Bond conductive epoxies from Chomerics

CHO-BOND 700 Series Adhesives

Pure silver-filled epoxy pastes designed for semiconductor and microelectronics packaging. They are one-component systems with excellent die shear strength, low coefficients of thermal expansion, ionic purity, and high thermal and electrical conductivity.  Extended working life with viscosity and thixotropy for time/pressure positive displacement dispensing. Supplied frozen in bulk or standard syringes.


Die-attach adhesives optimized for high-speed, automated dispensing. No resin bleedout on a variety of substrates.


Especially well suited for temperature-sensitive, high performance applications.

Versatile Conductive Epoxies

Two-part silver, silver-plated copper, and silver-plated glass-filled adhesives meet exacting electrical bonding requirements without high temperatures or expensive prep to obtain effective lead-tin solder joints. Room temperature cure into rigid structural bonds. Excellent adhesion to copper, bronze, cold-rolled steel, aluminum, magnesium, Kovar, nickel, ceramic, phenolic and plastic substrates.

CHO-BOND 500 series adhesives

Pure silver-filled materials are used where tight tolerances require thin bond lines. Various cure cycles are available, and materials are formulated for easy application by caulking gun, spatula, needle spotting or silk screening. Bonding mesh gaskets, printed circuit board repair, rear window defogger repair, and low temperature-activated flexible solders applications demonstrate their versatility.

CHO-BOND 584-29

Adhesive combines room-temperature cure with low viscosity, and can be used in place of soldering or welding. Available in easy-to-use, two-chambered CHO-PAK dispensers in 1.0, 2.5 and 10 gram sizes.

CHO-BOND 584-208

Adhesive offers exceptional ease of application for circuit board repair. It is a two component system with a 1:1 mix ratio, and cures in 24 hours at room temperature. With a 0.75 hour elevated cure temperature of 212°F (100°C), the material offers volume resistivity of 0.005 ohm-cm.


Adhesive bonds dissimilar materials effectively. It combines long pot-life and excellent adhesion with low viscosity, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, very low thermal impedance, and good thermal shock resistance. The material excels as a sealant for microwave modules and components and is useful for circuit board repair and grounding applications.

CHO-BOND 300 series adhesives/sealant compounds

These feature large (>50 micron) silver-plated copper particles that make them well suited for bonding poorly toleranced surfaces. Bond lines should not be thinner than 10 mils. The gritty filler bites through thin, non-conductive surfaces such as oxide layers and MIL-C-5541 Class 3 iridite. Applications include bonding and shielding of cast aluminum housings and conduit bulkheads.  

CHO-Bond conductive compound selector guide