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Sealing Devices supports safety, a clean environment & a healthy work atmosphere

As a Company, Sealing Devices strives to conduct business between its customers, its vendors, and its employees in the most straightforward and ethical manner possible.

Sealing Devices employees must conduct business according to the highest ethical standards of conduct in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.  Employees are expected to devote their best efforts to the interests of the Company.  Business dealings that appear to create conflicts are unacceptable.  Employees are required to safeguard the confidential information of the Company, its customers and suppliers.

Conflict Minerals & Human Trafficking

Sealing Devices Inc. is committed to an ethical supply chain.  Sealing Devices Inc. complies with all national and other applicable laws and regulations with regard to human rights violations and environmental issues resulting from the mining of conflict minerals.  This commitment to keeping our supply chain free from conflict minerals that may be fueling human rights atrocities has been flowed down to our suppliers.

Sealing Devices Inc. is also committed to social and environmental responsibility and has a zero tolerance policy regarding slavery and human trafficking.  We detest the exploitation of children and are committed to protecting human rights within our sphere of influence.  We expect our vendors and manufacturers to uphold the standards set forth in our policy, and to implement actions to ensure compliance.

Counterfeit Parts

It is the policy of Sealing Devices Inc. to provide the best products available to our customers.  We will only provide legitimate products from nationally and internationally reputable companies and will not misrepresent suppliers.  Sealing Devices Inc. does not supply counterfeit parts.  If suspect parts were ever identified as coming from our supply chain, we have procedures in place to impound that product and to take all actions necessary to rectify the situation.

Safety, Health & Environment

Sealing Devices strives to provide a safe, secure working environment for all personnel and maintains a formal personnel safety and accident prevention program for all employees and contractors.  We are also compliant with all Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations (i.e., OSHA, EPA) with regards to safety, health and the environment.

The goal of Sealing Devices Inc. is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all areas of our business and our Company's activities. 9/15/2018.

Terry S. Galanis, Jr.
President & CEO

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