Cho-Seal Connector Gaskets and EMI Shielding

CHO-Seal Chomerics: EMI shielding materials, specifications & data sheets

  • Mounting flange connectors
  • Interfacial seals
  • Jam nut seals
  • Flat washers
  • D-subminiature rectangular connectors
  • O-rings and D-rings
  • MIL-DTL-83528/4, MIL-DTL83528F conductive flange gaskets 

Common connector gasket compounds include:

  • CHO-SEAL 1215, silver-plated, copper-filled silicone
  • CHO-SEAL 1285, silver-plated, aluminum-filled silicone
  • CHO-SEAL 6502, nickel-plated, aluminum-filled silicone
  • CHO-SEAL 1298, silver-plated, aluminum-filled fluorosilicone

When exposure to fluids is a concern, fluorosilicone materials are recommended.                                    
For applications with continuous high temperature exposure, CHO-SEAL 1298, CHO-SEAL 1285 or CHO-SEAL 1224 are recommended.

 Additional conductive elastomer connector gaskets


CHO Seal Connector Gasket Specs 


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