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Parker EM163-80 O-rings

Meeting system sealing challenges

A new EM163-80 80 durometer black EPDM compound from Parker OES is a terpolymer of ethylene and propylene with a diene third monomer used for cross linking which is particularly useful for sealing phosphate-ester hydraulic fluids and in glycol based fluid brake systems in aircraft system applications.

Temperature range: -80°F to 250°F (-62°C to 121°C), Certifications include: NAS 1613 Rev 6, color:  black


• Chemical resistance
• Hot water and steam up to 300°F (149°C)
• Glycol based brake fluids (Dot 3 & 4) and silicone-based brake fluids (Dot 5) up to 300°F (149°C)
• Many organic and inorganic acids
• Cleaning agents, sodium and potassium alkalis
• Phosphate-ester based hydraulic fluids (HFD-R, Skydrol, Hyjet)
• Silicone oil and grease
• Many polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, esters)
• Ozone, aging and weather resistant

Not compatible with mineral oil products.

Parker's ethylene propylene rubber (EPM, EPR, EPDM) O-rings are compatible with phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, amines, solvents and other chemicals.

Inside Diameter - 0.029 to 25.94, Width - 0.04 to 0.275

Nominal Hardness Range - >70, Nominal Hardness - 80

Thermal Application (F) - Low temperature (<-30F), Minimum Working Temperature (F) -80, Maximum Working Temperature (F) - 250

Fluid Compatibility - water/steam

Meets Certifications - NAS 1613 REV6  - 

Download Spec Sheet - EM163-80 OES 7002.pdf


New EM163-80 replaces Parker E1267-80 compounds.