EMI Shielded WIN-SHIELD™ Windows Chomerics

EMI shielded windows improve EMI performance

Sealing Devices produces performance-tested EMI shielding windows for visual displays. The custom sized selections are available in glass and plastic. Chomerics EMI-shielded windows provide optical clarity.

  • EMI shielded windows are designed into commercial and military equipment for effective electromagnetic shielding, while providing exceptional optical clarity and image resolution.
  • By offering EMI shielding and contrast enhancement, we help manufacturers meet FCC requirements.

Windows can be glass, plastic or a combination. EMI shielding is provided by knitted or woven wire mesh, laminated between the glass or plastic or deposited by conductive coatings.

EMI shielding effectiveness is determined by wire screen opening size, electrical contact between intersecting wires, and techniques employed to terminEMI shielded windowsate the wire at the frame edge.

High performance WIN-SHIELD EMI shielded windows use a proprietary mesh design in a fully laminated polycarbonate assembly for optical clarity without compromising EMI shielding performance.

Sealing Devices Applications Engineers provide expertise to design EMI shielded windows to meet specific requirements or verify performance. Conductive adhesives, paints, tapes, gaskets and frames enable us to provide complete assemblies ready-to-mount.

WIN-SHIELD™ Elite EMI Shielded Window Gasket Options