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electrical Enclosure Gaskets

enclosure gaskets seal sensitive electronic Enclosures

As die-cut gasket manufacturing experts, Sealing Devices provides electrical enclosure manufacturers quality enclosure gaskets for reliable sealing performance.  60 Sec Videoenclosure gaskets

When used in conjuction with Gore vents, robust electrical enclosure gaskets and housing gaskets offer unmatched enclosure sealing for NEMA rated enclosures in extreme conditions. 

Important Electrical Enclosure Gasket Design Considerations relate to enclosure industry standards for weatherproof boxes.

  • NEMA rated enclosures need proven enclosure gasket sealing for optimal protection. 
  • IP requirements also effect enclosure gasket performance.

Other factors to consider in designing your enclosure gaskets:

  1.  Closure force / Gasket compression.   Enclosure hardware should be sufficient to provide adequate closure force and squeeze to insure optimal gasket sealing peformance.
  2.  Material or Elastomer Compound- Choosing the correct material for the enclosure gasket to withstand ozone, weather, temperature, elements, pressure and chemical agents.
  3.  Standards - Does the gasket need to meet the NEMA rating or IP requirements for a custom enclosure gasket.
  4.  Product Longevity - Will the enclosure gasket last for the life of the product?
  5.  Adequate pressure venting.   Eliminate pressure differentials due to temperature or humidity swings with proper membrane venting.
  6.  Specialized enclosures gaskets - EMI shielded enclosure gaskets, emi shielded windows for displays (we stock many elastomers for military requirements MIL_DTL-83528)
  7.  Are pressure sensitive adhesives / PSA's required for placement or assembly?
  8.  Special enclosure gaskets are available for low-closure force applications.

Enclosure gasket materials commonly used in housing gaskets by OEM's.

Sealing Devices makes custom, weatherproof gaskets and seals for NEMA rated electrical enclosures, and IP standard seals and gaskets.  Combined with Gore vents, our gaskets can provide water-proof sealing, and allow electrical enclosures 'breathe' while keeping out dust, dirt and contaminants.  While enclosure gaskets are often made of closed and open cell sponge rubber to meet UL 94 ratings, the can also be made from exotic materials to meet low closure force challenges, or weight restrictions for mobile enclosures.