Form-in-Place Gasket Dispensing Experts

Robotically dispensed form-in-place gaskets

Sealing Devices is an in-house dispenser of form-in-place gaskets using Chomerics CHOFORM® Form-in-Place EMI gasket compounds. We use precision robots to dispense form-in-place gaskets from conductive and non-conductive gasket and potting compounds.

Form-in-place (FIP) gaskets are robotically dispensed and create precise gasket beads on metal and plastic housings. Sealing Devices' extensive robotic dispensing capabilities lay down conformable FIP gaskets in small cross sections to free up package space and eliminate gasket waste.

FIP gaskets can be created to support high-volume production and consistency in bead profile for flat surface and channel configurations.

form_in_place_gasketingFIP gaskets dispensing/FIP Robots apply programmed gasket beads with exceptional accuracy in up to three full axes, compensating for uneven surfaces in castings and molded parts to provide consistent, highly reliable seals. FIP gaskets can be applied on flanges as narrow as 0.030 inch (0.76 mm), for more space on board components. Dispensed, durable, highly conductive seals and gaskets provide low compression set, and offer years of effective EMI shielding and mechanical performance. 

CHOFORM conductive form-in-place gaskets cure in minutes and provide more than 75 dB attenuation from 200 MHz to 10 GHz with accuracy of location to within 0.001 inch. FIP gaskets are highly compressible, with limited deflection force and improved reliability. Let the Sealing Devices Applications Engineering team help design a gasket for you.

FIP gaskets are good for accurate dispensing on intricate perimeter parts, often requiring small cross sections for low closure force gasketing. FIP gaskets provide outstanding adhesion to many parts and can provide a better alternative to traditional pressure sensitive adhesive (PSAs) application.