Garlock Style 204 EVS Expansion Joints

Garlock Style 204 EVS Expansion Joints for extreme vacuum service

Garlock Style 204 Expansion Joints excel in extreme vacuum service. Condensate pumps and high-velocity media are commonly paired with elastomeric expansion joints to minimize vibration and accommodate movement within systems. Most expansion joints made prior to 2008 have fabric arch reinforcement for extreme vacuum conditions, but fabric-reinforced arches are no match for the full-pressure to full-vacuum application in condensate and condenser systems. When condensate systems go from hot to cold, the pressure swing can result in inverted arches and torn rubber liners.

Garlock has successfully worked to address this full-vacuum application by adding a metal reinforced arch to resist arch deflection and sealed bolt holes to keep oxygen out of the system. All movement and vibration dampening capability remains.

Garlock Style 204 EVS Datasheet


Garlock EVS Expansion Joint