GORE® Protective Membrane Vent Case Studies

GORE® vents are barriers against liquids, dust, & contaminants

Help enclosures 'breathe' by allowing air to flow freely in and out.  Equalize pressure with protective membrane vents.

Improve enclosure seal performance and eliminate condensation on board level electronics.  Improve wall fatigue in enclosures, prevent seal failures and failures due to altitude changes or drastic temperature fluctuations.

Customers across industries improve product performance, life and especially seal performance using protective membrane vents.  Using GORE® Protective Vents  for equalizing pressure and reducing condensation helps Design Engineers in electronics, lighting, enclosures and products that see harsh external conditions.

Case Studies - Improve your device performance and enclosure sealing reliabillity.

 Security Camera


 Antenna Alignment

 Telecom Reliability Test

 Liquid Gas Sensor

 5 Year Vent Impact


Gore Vent Pressure Equalization

Additional Technical Considerations

 Gurley Airflow

 Water Entry Pressure

 Battery Outgassing

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