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Gore® protective membrane Vents

GORE® vents protect by virtually eliminating condensation with pressure equalization   

GORE® membrane vents let enclosures 'breathe' allowing airflow in and out of sealed enclosures.  Membrane vents eliminate pressure differentials created when sealed enclosures are exposed to rapid and recurring changes in environmental conditions. Vents improve enclosure seal performance. (Download 5 Year Vent Impact Study)

 Virtually eliminate condensation

 Allow rapid pressure equalization

 Block contaminants water, dust, dirt, liquids

 Protect against 'board level' electronics failures

 Easily install in existing housing designs

 Protect sensitive electronic enclosures

 Improve Seal Performance Eliminate seal 'fatigue'

 Good for altitude change  pressure elimination

 Eliminate vacuum in

Gore Vents




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Vents eliminate enclosure pressure differentials in harsh environments:

  • quick changes in temperature (thunderstorm on a hot, sunny day) 
  • altitude changes                                                                                    
  • heating and cooling cycles from internal heat sources 
  • rapid temperature drops creating a vacuum causing continued stress on housing seals resulting in failure over time, and pulling in moisture and contaminants.
  • wind driven rain, directed hose spray and battery outgassing

Pressure effects put high loads on sidewalls that deform and fatigue causing seal leak paths. "Hidden Design Challenge of Pressure Differentials" (Jason Zambotti, W.L. Gore & Associates) Jason Zambotti Membrane Vents

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Gore Vent Fitness for Use

    GORE® membrane vents require a 'fitness for use' engineering review to receive an RFQ.  Return the application sheet - 

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    Vent Application Tips
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    "FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations".

    Sealing Devices Inc. is a North American distributor of W.L. Gore Protective Vents. Vents are an engineered solution and Sealing Devices reserves the right to discontinue supply if proper fitness for use for a given application is not being followed. 



    m10510-009, PMF100318, PMF100318, PMF100319, PMF100320, PMF100321, PMF100391, PMF100519, PMF100520,PMF100585, PMF100586, PMF100444, PMF200444, VE5 series vents, VE6 series vents, VE7 series vents, VE8 series vents, VE9 series vents