Kalrez® 4079, 6375 & 7075 O-rings & Custom Parts

Kalrez 4079 O-rings, Kalrez 6375 O-rings & Kalrez 7075 O-rings

Kalrez® 4079 O-rings, Kalrez® 6375 O-rings and Kalrez® 7075 O-rings are a high-performance choice for critical chemically resistant applications.  As an authorized distibutor of Kalrez® O-rings, we offer broad chemical resistance and stability up to 327°C. Kalrez® 4079, Kalrez® 6375, and Kalrez® 7075 provide additional benefits. 

Kalrez® 4079 O-rings and Kalrez® custom parts excel in extremely high temperatures and provide superior chemical resistance compared to traditional O-rings. Kalrez® 4079 O-rings are critical in chemical processing and aerospace applications, and Kalrez® O-rings solve problems that other O-rings can't.

Kalrez® 6375 O-rings are excellent in applications requiring sealing against acids, bases, amines, steam, ethylene oxide and most aggressive chemicals. Mixed streams - many chemical processors are applying Kalrez® Spectrum™ 6375 O-rings and parts for high temperature service.

Kalrez® 7075 O-rings withstand temperatures up to 621°F (327°C), and are designed for general purpose use in the chemical processing industry. Kalrez® Spectrum 7075 O-rings are molded from carbon black-filled compounds with mechanical properties designed for improved sealing performance in temperature cycling.

Kalrez® Spectrum 4079, Kalrez® Spectrum 6375 and Kalrez® Spectrum 7075 O-rings and custom parts reduce downtime by extending mean time between replacements, and are used in applications including pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints and extreme chemical sealing applications.  Kalrez® O-rings have proven performance around the world.  

Kalrez® 0090 for chemical processing has chemical resistance to over 1,800 chemicals, with high temperature performance up to 482°F (250°C). Excellent rapid gas decompression with high modulus and hardness properties.
Download Kalrez® 0090 datasheet.

Chemical processing comparison of Kalrez perfluoroelastomer compounds - Kalrez® 4079 Kalrez® 7075 Kalrez® 6375

Kalrez® is a registered trademark of DuPont™.  Sealing Devices is an authorized Kalrez® O-rings and Kalrez® custom parts supplier, and an authorized Kalrez® distributor.