Laminating Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA laminating experts

With years of laminating pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) to sponge, rubber and many substrates, Sealing Devices is experienced in combining materials to provide finished parts for easier assembly, improved strength, better appearance and sound insulation. Watch 2 minute video.

With many options for pressure sensitive adhesives, and access to cellular / sponge parts from industry leading suppliers, we offer the right laminating solutions for your needs.

Once you've chosen the appropriate adhesive based on properties to best adhere to the substrate you're working with, we laminate materials together in prototype to production quantities.

The automated application of a pressure-sensitive adhesive to cellular or sponge parts, that can be die-cut or kiss-cut to provide finished parts to speed assembly and improve product performance, is a key benefit for OEM's in all industries. 

When combined with our precision slitting capabilities, Sealing Devices can provide full rolls, slit rolls, kiss-cut parts, or finished parts available for immediate use based on your requirements.

Let us laminate your PSAs on your next sponge, rubber, gasket, sealing or shielding project. 

Laminating PSA's to Sponge