Copper springfingers & metal EMI gaskets

SPRINGMESH® metal strip EMI gaskets are compressible, all-metal strips of beryllium copper, knitted into rectangular or round cross sections. As spring-like, interlocked loops, they are highly resilient and are knit from Monel or Ferrex wire.

SPRINGMESH® copper springfinger gaskets offer good aging properties, excellent tensile strength and spring-like qualities. Mesh strip gaskets are available in rectangular, round, double round, and round with fin cross sections. SPRINGMESH® gaskets are hollow, highly resilient spring gaskets, which offer the advantages of a mesh over core gasket without a core, and recovery of more than 70%. Compression set is less than 30% at 80% compression, and are available as cut-to-length.

Combo strip gaskets combine mesh strip in parallel with an elastomer weathering strip. Recommended for applications requiring a weather seal. In addition to EMI shielding, they are available with high-tack adhesive backing with a long shelf life. Compression set and closure is in the 25 to 100 PSI range, although options are available for sealing pressures as low as 10 PSI.

EMI Springfingers

SPRING-LINE beryllium-copper gaskets combine high levels of EMI shielding effectiveness with spring-finger wiping and low-closure force properties.

The high performance qualities of beryllium-copperhigh tensile strength, excellent anti-corrosion properties and superb electrical conductivitymake it ideal for EMI shielding over a broad frequency range. SPRING-LINE shielding gaskets are available standard in bright tin, bright copper and bright nickel finishes, and can be soft soldered or resistance welded without damage to the working surface.


POLASHEET and POLASTRIP gasketing are composite EMI shielding and weather-sealing materials. Either solid or sponge silicone may be specified as the weather seal.

In POLASHEET gasketing, individual Monel or aluminum wires embedded in the silicone and oriented perpendicular to mating flange surfaces provide the EMI shielding. Wires are crimped for resiliency. Solid silicone POLASHEET gasketing is available with high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

In POLASTRIP gasketing, EMI shielding is provided by Monel or aluminum knitted wire mesh embedded in silicone.

POLASHEET and POLASTRIP gasketing have solid silicone weather seals, and are rated for use at temperatures from -70 °F (-56.7 °C) to +500 °F (+260 °C). Sponge silicone is only for pressures below 5 PSI (0.03 MPa) and for rain, drip, dust and ventilating air seals.