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Meter gaskets and Smart Meter Gaskets

Full Face Flange Gaskets, Rubber, Cork, Neoprene, Cloth Inserted Gaskets

Sealing Devices has been supporting gas meter, water meter and electric meter OEM's with gaskets and seals for decades, and now offers a full line of smart meter gaskets and seals.

Whether you need special die-cuts, full face gaskets, ring style, regulator diaphragms, cloth inserted,  neoprene, cork, red rubber or other gaskets, we can provide the highest quality materials with in-house tooling to provide you with products that meet your exacting needs.

Sealing Devices has full face and ring gaskets, and provides special die-cut shapes and sizes to meet ANSI requirements. Whether you are looking to seal water maters, electric meters, gas meters or other electronic enclosures, we can provide the gaskets, seals, vents and materials needed to provide optimal long life sealing performance for your meters.

Need applications engineering help from professionals that have worked on many gas meter, electric meter and water meter projects for years?  Call 716-684-7600 today, or email your specifics to our Inside Sales team at today.

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