NEMA Ratings

NEMA Requirements for Enclosures

Sealing Devices' customers often require National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) requirements be met for common sealing and venting. Refer to the NEMA website for more in-depth detail.

NEMA 1- General purpose. Good for enclosures for indoor use.

NEMA 2- NEMA 1 protection, plus protection against dripping and light splashing of liquids.

NEMA 3- General purpose indoor/outdoor use. Weather resistance with protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow and windblown dust. Undamaged external ice buildup.

NEMA 3R- Same as NEMA 3 excluding protection against windblown dust.

NEMA 4- Applies to enclosures for general purpose indoor/outdoor use. Protects against incidental contact and offers a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing and hose-directed water. The enclosure will remain undamaged by the external buildup of ice on the enclosure.

NEMA 4X- NEMA 4 plus corrosion resistance.

NEMA 5- General purpose, dust-tight. Also provides protection against falling dirt and dripping/light splashing of liquids.

NEMA 6- Enclosures for indoor/outdoor with protection against falling dirt, hose-directed water, and the entry of water during temporary submersion and remains undamaged by external ice.

NEMA 6P- Same as NEMA 6 including protection against water entry after prolonged submersion at depth.

NEMA 7- Indoor enclosures for locations classified as Class I, Groups A, B, C or D. Capable of withstanding pressures resulting from an internal explosion of specified gases, and containing the explosion sufficiently that an explosive gas-air mixture in the atmosphere will not be ignited. 

NEMA 9- Enclosures for indoor use in locations classified as Class II, Groups E, F or G. Dust-tight. Need to meet dust, temperature and gasket design tests.

NEMA 12- Industrial enclosures for indoor use with protection against incidental contact, yet provide protection against falling dirt, circulating dust, and dripping and splashing liquids.

NEMA 12K- Same as NEMA 12 with knockouts.

NEMA 13- Industrial enclosures for indoor use with protection against falling dirt, dust, fibers, and spraying or splashing/water seepage, oil, and non-corrosive liquids.