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NORBOND® High performance bonding

Saint-Gobain norbond® Tapes are durable and long-lasting

Norbond® bonding tapes are excellent sealing and cushioning products that offer long lasting protection, and engineered to provide durable security in high performance applications. Combining an elastomeric foam substrate with a durable pressure-sensitive acrylic, Norbond bonding tapes have excellent resistance over many environmental conditions, and are good for both interior or exterior bonding.

Saint-Gobain Norbond® Z1000

Norbond® Z1000 series is a gray, double-sided, acrylic foam tape with great tensile adhesion strength and static shear resistance for outdoor performance.  Z1000 provides long term peel adhesion on paint systems, resisting degradation after long-term exposure to harsh environments.

Norbond® Z2000 tapes are gray, double-sided, acrylic foam tapes providing good sealing options for medium surface energy plastics or exterior paint applications.

Norbond® V9000 bonding tapes good for general bonding and electronic bonding performance, and is UL listed as an electrical component.  (UL746C).

CHR® Tapes are protective and insulating adhesives for meeting customers needs in demanding and extreme conditions.  Download datasheets and product specifications

  • PTFE Adhesive Tapes
  • Coated Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes
  • Film & Foil Adhesive Tapes

NORBOND® foam bonding tapes are polyurethane foam tapes, acrylic foam tapes, and polyethylene foam tapes that provide durable and long last products.  Watch Understanding Norbond Acrylic Tapes Tensile and Elongation.

Click for a full link to the complete line of CHR® Adhesives Tapes, Norseal® Tapes and Norbond® Tapes.

Sealing Devices is a CHR® Adhesives Tapes, Norseal® Tapes and Norbond® Tapes distributor.

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