Norseal® Silicone Rubber Products

Saint-Gobain Norseal silicone rubber for gaskets, cushioning & vibration damping

Norseal® silicone sponge (previous COHRlastic®) products are high-performance silicone materials with a chemical structure providing high-temperature stability with inertness. Sealing Devices offers customers Norseal® silicone sponge options for gaskets and seals.  Norseal® silicone products make high-performance gaskets, cushions, insulation, and provide transportation OEM's with an effective and long-lasting vibration-dampening solution. Sealing Devices offers full laminating for Norseal® products needing a PSA for easy application or assembly.

The Norseal® Silicone Sponge Rubbers include:

  • Norseal® R10470- general purpose fits most applications, medium and firm grades.
  • Norseal® R10480- low compression set resistance formula, soft and medium grades.
  • Norseal® R10460- low compression set resistance formula, flame retardant UL 94 HB medium grade.
  • Norseal® R10450- fiber glass supported, provides dimensional stability, medium grade.
  • Norseal® R10404- thermally conductive grade ThermaCool product for heat and cold transfer.
  • Norseal® R10490- fluorosilicone grade for high-temperature and solvent resistance.
  • Norseal® R10400- new flame retardant UL 94 V-0 medium grade.

Norseal Silicone Rubber ProductsNorseal® Silicone Solid Rubber

  • Norseal® 9030-9070- specification grade yard goods.
  • Norseal® 9235-9275- high-performance grade (high tear strength resistant grade).
  • Norseal® EC102- electrically conductive grade.

Saint-Gobain Norseal® silicone rubber sponge offers increased mechanical and physical properties, a broader temperature range, and the closed cell structure is good for industrial and military specification. Download a comparison between silicone rubber sponge and silicone rubber foam.

Norseal® foams are excellent sealing and cushioning products of cast PVC, silicone foam and sponge, and polyurethane foams. Saint Gobain Norseal® foams are high-performance foam tapes designed to offer simple-to-attach, fire resistant, conformable tapes.  Key characteristics include:

  • Fire resistant (watch video)- FS1000 expands to form a fire-resistant char that blocks fire, smoke and hot gases.
  • Airtight and compressible- when compressed by 15%, it is airtight up to 1000 Pa based on substrate. Returns to original thickness.
  • Vibration damping- good for shock and vibration reduction.
  • Watertight- FS1000 offers a watertight barrier when compressed 30%.
  • Safe- no toxic gas emissions when heated. No halogens.

Good for aerospace, electronics and general purpose sealing, including freight compartments, seats and other areas. Download the datasheet for complete Norseal FS1000 specifications and details. 

FS1000 Datasheet