Managing Heat in Electronics

Thermal Management Solutions Webinar

This webinar will cover the basic concepts of thermal management for electronics, the latest gap-filling product offerings from Parker Chomerics and a general overview of how to incorporate them into your production process.

Join us for an informative webinar on: 
February 26, 2020
1:00 p.m. EST

Who should attend:
Engineers, Project Managers, Designers and Buyers

Dispensed Thermal interface materials provide:

  • Superior heat transfer performance
  • Long-term thermal stability
  • Excellent surface wetting
  • Minimal component stress in application
  • Effective filling of multiple gap sizes
  • Fully cured, one component options for ease of use

Proper management of heat in electronics is key to reliable long-term function. Effective thermal management involves efficiently moving heat from hot components, to heat sinks or head spreaders.  Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are integral to this process as they remove trapped air from between the components and heat sink.  The more comformable the material, the more effectively it fills the gaps.  

The latest developments in conformable products are thermally conductive gels and putties which can be effectively dispensed into electronics devices to bridge gaps for efficient heat management.  

Dispensed thermal interface materials are ideal for applications where cost, time and efficiencies are of the utmost importance.

Michael Moretti
Technical Business Development Manager

Currently Technical Business Development Manager Michael brings 20+ years of experience providing design assistance and project support for customers designing electronic devices for the military, aerospace and telecommunications markets.

His areas of expertise includes: EMI Shielding and Thermal Management Concepts and Materials, Environmental Sealing, and Venting of Electronic Enclosures.

Michael’s personal interests include European sports cars, camping and his dogs.