Parker VA179 Fluorocarbon Better High Temp Limits

Parker VA179 offers 68°F higher temp limits

Parker VA179 is an extreme high-temperature fluorocarbon (FKM) compound. VA179 is a 70 durometer rubber providing increased high temperature limits, with the same chemical resistance and low temperatures of standard FKMs.

VA179 consists of a breakthrough technology increasing the FKM continuous high temperature limit an additional 68°F (20°C) over standard FKM materials on the market today. This provides a new industry sealing solution to long-term compression set issues for customers using traditional fluorocarbons and silicones.

VA179 provides a wide range of market and application potential with its competitive cost structure compared to more expensive sealing options. Customers have traditionally used more expensive FFKM materials and metal seals in applications requiring temperatures greater than 392°F (200°C) continuous, and some customers use FFKM materials as the only option to reach the PM interval.  VA179 is a great addition in areas where FFKM compounds may be over-engineered.

VA179 is available as high-temperature O-rings, or custom molded parts in high temperature (392°F or 200°C continuous) applications.

Download a new VA179-70 technical datasheet now.