Parker VX065 Extreme Low-Temperature Aerospace O-Rings

Jet fuel extreme low-temperature sealing to -65°F

Parker VX065 extreme low temperature aerospace O-rings help aerospace OEM's seal extreme low temperature jet fuel applications requiring low temperature performance during high altitude and engine startup. 

Parker O-ring Compound VX065 meets the aerospace industry's need for a low temp aerospace O-ring with -65°F (-54°C) sealing that offers outstanding compression set resistance. 

The Parker O-ring compound VX065-75 significantly extends seal life in low temperature fuel applications, especially where traditionally only fluorosilicone O-rings could be used. Parker VX065-75 is ideal for extending life compared to traditional fluorosilicone compounds, or for customers who need a lower temperature performance FKM.

Parker FKM VX065 FKM low-temperature aerospace sealing and O-rings compounds feature:

  • Wide temperature range: -65° to 400°F (-54° to 204°C)
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • EXTREME low temperature performance
  • 75 Shore A durometer
  • Excellent jet fuel compatibility
  • Excellent HTS oil compatibility
  • FKM durability

Read more about Extreme Low Temperature Parker VX065-75 FKM, or visit the updated blog.

Parker fluorocarbon compound VX065-75 offers dramatically improved seal performance in aircraft fuel applications, providing the low-temperature performance, compression resistance and overall durability required to extend service life in real world service. It also offers improvements over low-temperature nitrile and low-temperature fluorocarbon elastomers, and can be used as a universal seal material throughout an aircraft fuel system.