value added products for plastic molders

Plastic injection molders value added products for their customers with innovative:

  • form-in-place gasketing - Offer your customers valuable time-saving options with pre-dispensed, form-in-place gaskets on the enclosures you already provide them!
  • FIP gaskets provide your customers wtih consistent, high quality, reliable seals, that aid them in quick assembly of parts with low closure force and UV / Water resistant conductive or non-conductive gaskets. 
  • FIP gaskets are precisely dispensed on metal or plastic housings in small cross sections, and compensate for uneven surfaces on molded or cast parts.
  • You can also give your customers more value with pre-applied:
  •    3M tapes and laminating options
  •    Rogers Poron and Rogers Bisco sponge options
  •    Innovative Gore membrane venting options
  •    Innovative Inventory Programs
  •    o-ring options

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Value Added O-rings for Plastic Molders