Sponge Rubber Gaskets Bunsplitting Bunwelding

Open cell closed cell Sponge rubber gasket and Foam parts

Need a flexible source for sponge rubber gaskets, sponge rubber rolls, and sponge sheets or parts of open and closed cell sponge and foam?  We die-cut sponge rubber parts.  Sealing Devices is expert in bunsplitting and bunwelding.

Sealing Devices provides neoprene/EPDM/SBR blend sponge, neoprene and Epichlorohydrin (ECH) sponge, including a full line of closed and open sell sponge options. We offer cut sheets, roll goods, and finished parts based on your individual requirements or job size.  Sealing Devices also offers industry standard PSA's (pressure sensitive adhesives), but has a large inventory of custom adhesives with full lamination capabilities in-house.

Full line of open cell and closed cell sponge gaskets.  Closed cell sponge is ideal for enclosure gaskets and enclosure seals on electrical enclosures.

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