Loctite Anerobic Package Change

An update to Loctire Anerobic packaging!


LOCTITE will be improving its already iconic red bottle and design for the Anerobic product range between Q4 2019 and 2020.

Please see the below statement that has been issued by LOCTITE:

LOCTITE® will be improving its already iconic red bottle and its design for the LOCTITE® anaerobic product range towards the end of Q4 2019. These revised red bottles have an updated, rejuvenated look that builds on our established history of being the originators of anaerobic chemistry and distinguishes the LOCTITE® brand, creating a unique brand identity across the globe.
The revised and improved bottle will begin shipping from Henkel facilities starting Q1 2020. Please note that due to our internal safety stocks, there will be a period of overlap where you may receive both new and old packages of product. This change will affect all threadlocking, thread sealing, gasketing, retaining and two-step structural acrylics products currently sold in a 50 and 250-ml bottle (no other bottle or package sizes will be affected by this change).
Please note this is a bottle design enhancement only. There are no changes to product formulation, product performance or ordering (IDH) numbers. Only the appearance and feel of the product package has been modified.
Finally, to simplify and ensure consistency of the LOCTITE® brand globally, we will be making some minor cosmetic updates to our labels for all LOCTITE® anaerobic products starting in 2020. This roll-out of the revised labels will continue throughout 2020. Until all labels have been revised there may be a period where both the old and new label designs are available in the marketplace.

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