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v-seals and v-rings keep out contaminants

All rubber V-seals Axial Shaft metal cased V-ring Seals

Versatile V-Seals and V-Rings are one piece rubber seals mounted on a shaft to keep water, dirt and other materials from entering bearing housings.  The V-Seal vee seals self adjusting lip rotates with the shaft against the counter face bearing housing or shaft collar to produce the dynamic sealing.  The rotating peripheral shaft speed causes contaminants to be blocked, and dirt and water are not able to attach to the flexible sealing lip.

V-seals are formed into different profiles based on the shaft size to be sealed, available mounting space, as well as the applications. 

V-Seals work well for greases, water, mineral oils and acids, and use a variety of materials for sealing specific applications.  Usually constructed of Nitrile rubber (-40F to 212F) or FKM fluoroelastomers (-15F to 390F), V-Seals can be made to order with special sizes or configurations.  V-Rings are easily installed by stretching over flanges for minimal disassembly, and the offer extemely low heat build up and low torque drag.  The don't need excessive countersurface preparation or expense to create optimal sealing.

V-Rings offer:

  • Long-term durability
  • Single element sealing
  • Excellent grip strength
  • Provides shaft seal protection against contaminants

Parker V Seals Profiles include: V-Seal Style A, V-Seal Style E, V-Seal Style L, V-Seal Style S, V-Seal Style DS, V-Seal Style SSW.

Call 800-727-3257 and talk with an Applications Engineer about your application details.

Parker V-Seal and V-Ring Styles