What is EMI Shielding?

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) - Is it important for your design?


Do you remember years ago, what happened when you were watching TV and mom started up the vacuum? 

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can disrupt electronic devices, equipment and many other systems that are used in critical applications.  To list a few - medical, military, aerospace electronics, mass transit systems, industrial touch screens, navigation and vehicular control systems. 

Engineers know how important it is to recognize how electromagnetic energy (EME) in the application environment can cause interference. 

Finding EMI shielded conductive O-rings and EMI elastomers for effective EMI shielding using CHO-Seal® Soft-Shield®, Metal EMI Gaskets, Fingerstock and EMI low closure force gasketing from Chomerics for your wireless communications or enclosures has never been easier.
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