Adhesives and Sealants

3M™ VHB™ tapes, Loctite threadlockers, Devcon epoxies, and Geltek sealant strips

Sealing Devices offers PSA's, pressure sensitive tapes, threadlockers, epoxies, sealants, dry / hot melts, RTV's, and one or multi-part sealants.  While many sealants and adhesives can be enhanced by applying pressure or heat, many will set up and cure at room temperature.  Our Applications Engineers can make recommendations based on your substrates and situation.

3M VHB tapes and structural adhesives are available from stock for joining materials together, including adhesives, sealants, tapes, glues, and epoxies for industrial and electronic device sealing.  Offering product recommendations for 3M adhesives with experience in efficient, cost-effective solutions for electronic devices, industrial and military/aerospace applications.

  • Sealing Devices is a 3M Preferred Converter Specializing in 3M™ VHB™ die-cutting and custom parts.
  • We match 3M technologies with customer requirements for application success in bonding, protecting, and sealing.
  • Our expertise includes design prototyping, die-cutting and kiss cutting custom adhesives, and laminating pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's) to sponge and rubber parts. 
  • Tapes replace costly fasteners with clean and easy-to-apply 3M™ VHB™  die-cut to your exacting tolerances. 

Devcon Epoxy Adhesives - Devcon epoxies are toughened, fast-curing structural epoxies with excellent environmental and chemical resistance. 

  • Devcon Epoxy products are designed for a wide-range of rigid substrates such as metals, ceramics, phenolics, and wood with cure times from less than one minute. Epoxy products include stay-in-place gels for vertical surfaces, clear adhesive/potting compounds, and high-performance, rubber-toughened adhesives for strength and flexibility.
  • Devcon 5 Minute® Epoxy is a rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive/encapsulant which easily dispenses and mixes in seconds, dries in 15 minutes with full strength in 1 hour. 
  • Devcon Castable Urethanes - Flexane® urethane compounds are used to make fast, economical, long-lasting rubber repairs to equipment such as conveyor belts and rubber rolls, and non-damaging holding fixtures, and pot electronic components. Flexane is available in liquid or putty form.

Loctite - We are a full service stocking distributor and equipment showroom of Loctite threadlockers, adhesives and products.

Geltek Environmental Gaskets: 
Geltek pre-cured silicone gels are die-cuttable solid gels with liquid characteristics. 

  • Geltek is easy to compress and 'self tacky,' allowing gaskets to 'wet out' to surfaces. Geltek gaskets won't crack or soften due to temperature, time or vibration. 
  • Geltek is 'self-healing' and good for wire sealing.  Geltek gaskets are easily applied and re-worked, and don't require application equipment to install.
  • Geltek sealant strips make excellent low-pressure gasket that seal surface irregularities, and provide good corrosion protection that prevents moisture from attacking metal. Moisture and electrolytes are displaced by the soft gel stopping galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metal surfaces.
    • Geltek GT-1000 Sealing Strips; unbacked; both sides tacky; tight environmental seal; prevents corrosion.
    • Geltek GT-1010 Sealing Strips; Teflon-backed; forms tight environmental seal; prevents corrosion.
    • Geltek GT-1020 Sealing Strips; rubber-backed; one side tacky; forms tight environmental seal; prevents corrosion.
    • Geltek GT-1030 Sealing Strips; foam-backed; one side tacky; forms tight environmental seal; prevents corrosion.

Geltek Conductive Gaskets provide dependable, cost-effective corrosion protection for aircraft skin and antennas, and have the unique capability of wetting to and sealing a surface on contact.

Geltek Grounding Gaskets - GND-FS-A1 are conductive gaskets for electrical grounding and corrosion prevention.

  • 16 x 18 mesh aluminum alloy wire cloth provide cost effective corrosion protection and reduced installation time.  They are supplied pre-cut to fit all common antenna sizes.
  • Fluorosilicone gel withstands aviation fuels and other liquid contaminants, metal mesh incorporated for electrical bonding temperatures between -40 and 302°F (-40 and150°C).