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Sealing Devices provides assistance designing in materials on the front end of projects. Let our Applications Engineers share years of product knowledge and experience in suggesting materials and product solutions to fit your specific application requirements.

With recommendations for gasketing, venting, shielding, thermal management and sealing projects, engineers provide innovative solutions for your applications through Sealing Devices' large portfolio of parts, fabricated materials, and value-added services. 

  • Design assistance to ruggedized Commercial off the Shelf Components (COTS) for challenging Military, Aerospace, Electronics and Industrial Applications. 
  • Failure analysis to address customer applications experiencing sealing, EMI/RFI, and thermal management issues, and then recommending alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Assistance with seal selection for existing special glands and seal interfaces.
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Common Terms

Form-in-Place Gasketing - Robotically dispensed precision gaskets that follow complex part geometries. Available in conductive (EMI) and non-conductive materials, FIP gaskets provide repeatable precision for enclosures or intricate parts. 

Foam-in-Place -  Dispensed foam gaskets, cured for cushioning, blocking or sealing substrates.

Cure-in-Place Gasket - One or two-part adhesive applied to different substrates that bonds after applied.


Sometimes you need the extra insight  that only an engineer with extensive sealing and shielding experience can suggest.

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