Flexible Graphite GRAFOIL® Gaskets

Grafoil® graphite gaskets offer high-temperature performance

Grafoil® fleGrafoil Flexible Graphite Gasketsxible graphite gaskets provide superior performance in high-temperature sealing applications. 

Flexible graphite Grafoil® gaskets roll products are manufactured from pure flexible graphite containing no binders or fillers. This limits the performance and application range of most sealing products and offers gaskets with superior high-temperature gasketing and sealing. 

Standard Specifications for Grafoil® Flexible Graphite Roll Materials:

  • Density: 70 lb./ft.3 (1.1 g/cc)
  • Thickness: .005", .010", .015 ", .020", .025 ", .030 ", .040", .060"
  • Length: 25' through 1000'+
  • Width: 24" and 39.4" (1 meter)

Flexible graphite laminated sheet is constructed exclusively of layers of Grafoil® sheet made to virtually any desired thickness. These laminates are easy to cut and are ideal where enhanced heat dissipation is needed. When extra rigidity and tensile strength are required, Grafoil® sheet can be laminated with a variety of metal inserts to provide additional mechanical strength and handling ease.

Both are available in style GTB, the standard industrial grade, and GTA, which is designed for the stringent requirements of the nuclear industry.

A special GrafTech process introducing a non-metallic, inorganic inhibitor, produces two more grades of corrosion and oxidation resistant Grafoil:

  • Grades GTK for industrial applications
  • GTJ for gaskets used in nuclear service.

Laminated Sheets:

  • Density: 70 lb./ft., three sheets used for all fabrications
  • Nominal Thickness: 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and up
  • Size: 24"x24", 39.4"x39.4" (MxM), 60"x60" 

Custom sheet sizes, densities and gauge thicknesses are available and may include minimums upon special request.


Grafoil GasketsFlexible Graphite DIE-CUT GASKETS and GRAFOIL® Gaskets

Grafoil® flexible graphite gaskets manufactured from sheet or roll products will compact under only moderate bolt loads to fill even microscopic irregularities in nearly every fluid sealing application. Small surface irregularities are more easily filled under lighter bolt loads, thus, reducing the need for costly surface refinishing. Since there is negligible cold flow or creep, the need for periodic precision bolt tightening is significantly reduced.


Ribbon Pack, made from corrugated Grafoil® Flexible Graphite, is a versatile product with universal application. It is designed to provide the user with the flexibility to form all graphite endless rings for any size pump or valve stuffing box.Grafoil Gaskets Tape

Grafoil® Universal Crinkle Gasket Tape can be used on the job site to form gaskets as small as three inches in diameter. Grafoil® Plain Tape is available for large applications over 18 inches in diameter. Both are also ideal for emergency repairs or leaking flanges.


Customizing ring density to maximize sealability is Sealing Devices' specialty. All packing ring styles meet MIL-P-24503.
FabricatFlexible Graphite Die Molded Ringsed from Ribbon Pack, Grafoil® die-molded packing rings are predensified for ease of installation. They are precision sized to fit the dimension tolerances of valve and pump stuffing boxes and require minimum run-in. Grafoil® die-molded rings create leak-tight seals with only 1/3 to 1/2 of the gland pressure required by other packings.

Grade GTK exhibits all of the superior fluid sealing characteristics associated with Grafoil® Flexible Graphite. It is the grade used in most standard industrial applications. Grade GTR is a premium grade developed for use in nuclear applications. It is certified to meet the most rigorous purity specifications of the nuclear industry, including General Electric NEDC-31735P.


Flexible Graphite Die Molded RingsLAMINATED RINGS

Laminated rings are fabricated from sheet stock. The material is cured to the desired thickness and density and then precision cut to exacting dimensional tolerances. The process allows for custom cross-sectional profiles where the application or design warrants it. Laminated rings are available in all material styles.


Grafoil® (US Patent No. 3,404,061), is a registered trademark of Ucar Carbon Technology Corporation.