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Sponge & Cellular FOams

open and closed cell sponge and foam materials

We are a preferred converter of Rogers Poron Urethane foams and Rogers Bisco Silicone foams, and also convert low compression set closed cell sponge materials for their high temperature stability, resilience and performance against degradation in sunlight and ozone. 

  • When designed for the application, sponge is an ideal solution for sealing out harsh environmental elements and help engineers meet IP specifications.
  • Complete bun-splitting and bun-welding capabilities for roll and sheet goods to aid engineers and designers.
  • Open cell foams - Sponge / Foams where gas pockets are connected with each other.  Types include polyurethane foams (contact us for options),and speaker / filter foam
  • Closed cell foams - Sponge / Foams where gas pockets are sealed from each other.  The material won't soak up water.  Neoprene, EPDM, and Blends.

Common applications and product forms include sponge rubber gaskets, sponge dust gasketing, sponge rubber sheet, sponge rubber products, closed cell sponge rolls, open cell rubber, sponge rubber sheet materials and die cut sponge rubber parts.

Common Sponge Rubber and Foams from Sealing Devices - Call Inside Sales for other sponge items as we maintain a large inventory of other sponge rubbers - 716-684-7600

***Download our Important Sponge Gasket Questions for Engineers***

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  1. NS41   specs
  2. NS42   specs
  3. NS43   specs
  4. NS45

100% Neoprene       

  1. NE41  specs
  2. NE42  specs

EPDM Blend    

  1. EP41  specs
  2. EP43  specs

ECH - Epichlorohydrin Rubber

  1. ECH - Epichlorohyrin Sponge specs

Ensolite PVC/Nitrile  

  1. ENSIV1 (IV1) 
  2. ENSIV2 (IV2) 
  3. ENSIV3 (IV3)

Commonly applied pressure sensitive adhesives include: 3M 9824 Specs

Sealing Sponge Datasheets