Parker O-Rings for Fluid Sealing

What is an O-ring?

How an O-ring works

O-rings from Parker OES: seals, fluids and gases

O-rings from Parker's O-ring and Engineered Seals division and Chomerics are available in standard and metric sizes and compounds, including Viton O-rings, metric Viton O-rings, silicone O-rings, fluorosilicone O-rings, perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings, buna O-rings, Aflas O-rings, neoprene O-rings and encapsulated O-rings. Parker O-rings protect and seal against fluids, liquids and gas loss.

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Custom O-rings fit your engineered gland and will seal against high temperatures (high temperature O-rings) and cryogenic conditions. O-rings and seals are used in static and dynamic (rotary or reciprocating) applications to complement gaskets and other sealing devices.

Compounds for O-rings include Viton FKM O-rings, buna O-rings, silicone O-rings, fluorocarbon O-rings, nitrile O-rings (NBR), EPDM O-rings, butadiene O-rings, chloroprene O-rings and fluorinated O-rings. O-ring sizes are found in the Parker O-Ring Handbook and fit most sealing applications. Sealing Devices is an authorized Parker Sealing Technology Center.

The Parker O-Ring Chemical Compatibility Chart lists elastomer chemical resistance, and the O-Ring Handbook lists properties for Viton, fluorosilicone, silicone, Aflas, butadiene, butyl, chlorinated polyethelene, Epichlorohydrin, ethylene acrylic, EPDM ethylene polypropylene, fluorocarbon, isoprene, neoprene, HNBR, nitrile, SBR and silicone. Compression set is an important consideration when choosing the seal and design of O-rings. Critical factors of compression set include squeeze over time, temperature variations and fluid contact.

Criteria for Choosing O-rings:

  • Compatibility between the O-rings and the fluid to be sealed.
  • Operating temperature. A gland operating at high temperatures may require increased volume to compensate for thermal expansion of O-rings. Conversely, when low temperature sealing is required, a more shallow gland depth might result in producing the proper squeeze for an effective seal.
  • Pressure is important in determining the required hardness (durometer) of an O-ring. Durometer specifications are in the O-ring handbook.  
Parker O-rings

Sealing Devices offers Parker Seal O-rings, Stat-O-Seals®, lathe cuts, packing, extruded seals, molded shapes, seals and tubing. Sealing Devices is an authorized Parker Sealing Technology Center and fully authorized Parker O-ring distributor.