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Parker life sciences: Seal your medical device or life science product with Parker and Parker Chomerics O-rings, extrusions, EMI shielding, gaskets, multi-lumen tubing and sealing materials from Sealing Devices Inc. Miniature and USP class VI and ISO 10993 O-rings from Parker life sciences. 

We offer a full selection of Parker life sciences elastomers and sealing products to protect and seal against the harshest substrates. As a full-line Parker Chomerics distributor, in addition to being a Parker life sciences converter, we can also seal and shield against EMI interference to protect sensitive electronics. 

With a complete line of medical grade O-rings and seals, we offer many sizes from stock. If you have special sealing requirements, our robotically dispensed, formed-in-place (FIP) gasketing might be the ideal alternative to your current gasket design.

Sealing Devices also offers a knowledgeable and experienced team of applications engineers, with a history of medical sealing projects, to provide insight on your application. Call us with your next medical device sealing or O-ring project requirement.

AS 568 O-rings
Call us for a listing of FDA and USP Class VI Seal compounds available from Parker Life Sciences, including ethylene propylene, silicone, fluorocarbon, nitrile, thermoplastic and perfluoronated materials.

Sealing Devices offers high-quality and consistent biocompatible precision elastomeric medical components using materials that are in compliance with USP class VI and ISO 10993. This enables the creation of smooth surfaces and overmolding with materials such as plastic, metal and other substrates.

Other products include sealing for flow control, fittings, and tubing; materials science filtration and EMI shielding; and thermal management for proportional and directional valves, regulators and flow controllers, anesthesia flow tubes, gas and liquid pumps, fittings and tubing, filtration solutions, masks and tracheostomy, intubation tubes, and miniature elastomer seals.

Download a Parker Life Sciences Sealing Solution brochure here.